10 of the Best Responsive Magento Themes

10 of the best responsive magento themes

Magento is a content management system designed to optimise e-commerce websites. Magento's main features are its modules; plugins that broaden its basic capabilities that users download in order to upload to their servers, and themes.

Themes add and alter the HTML, PHP and CSS of pages, designed to allow the user to specifically customise their e-commerce website. Amongst the e-commerce community debate exists regarding the best themes for functionality, appearance and performance, though what we consider as the top 10 responsive themes are explained below.


1. Simple Magento Theme

simple magento theme

Minimalist and user friendly, Simple is just that – simple for those new to e-commerce CSS to configure and manage. The homepage is capable of exhibiting Latest and Featured products together, while a slideshow of products can be set to autoplay or not.


2. Dresscode

dresscode magento theme

A fully responsive Magento theme, Dresscode boasts unlimited colours, a powerful admin panel and customised dropdown menus amongst a host of other features, all of which can be customised to the users needs.


3. Celebrity

celebrity magento theme

Celebrity is perfectly suited to any store with a stylish design! Installed with just one click, Celebrity features both full width and boxed layout styles, more than 500 fonts and 200 pattern backgrounds, all with 300-plus configuration options, allowing the user to fully customise the site without learning HTML or CSS.


4. Shopper

shopper magento theme

Shopper is not only extremely responsive but very powerful, coming with unlimited colour choices, an AJAX price slider, flexible fluid slide show and a customisable sidebar. Because of these features, the theme is perfect for any store in the e-commerce trade.


5. SM Total Magento Theme

sm total magento theme

With the ability to support multiple shops, SM Total offers AJAX Cart Pro for quick buying options, Carousel Sliders for product images, and can display content in either a one, two or three column layout, while also featuring advanced and impressive CSS3 animation effects to truly enhance your site.


6. Aries Magento Theme

aries magento theme

Teaming together layered navigation, price sliders, toolbars, pagination, add to cart, add to wish list and add to compare, Aries is a responsive Magento theme able to serve many purposes in the e-commerce world, suited to sites of almost any nature.


7. Maxshop

mashop magento theme

Maxshop is a retina ready Magento theme, that allows users to customise the layout of their site easily. With good font support and a guide to installing videos, Maxshop offers an extremely responsive and easy to use template, constructed on the bootstrap framework.


8. Pastel

pastel magento theme

Responsive web design provides Pastel with extreme flexibility, allowing it to function across a range of devices from PCs to mobiles, while maintaining a high aesthetic quality and high speed performance. Designed for stylish e-commerce sites, Pastel provides users with large product images, Mega Menu Builder to organise and categorise, and advertising space for promotional purposes.


9. ShopFast

shopfast magento theme

Based on Twitter's bootstrap framework, ShopFast utilises two sliders, Nivo and Flex Slider, a retina ready responsive layout, and clean and modern styling to deliver the ideal template that comes complete with SEO.


10. Layover

layover magento theme

Layover offers what other themes cannot without expensive plugins or hefty customisation in the way of action, offering Facebook integration on product pages and unique product spotlights with flipcards on the homepage. It is fully responsive and comes with AJAX-enabled quickvies and AJAX add to cart features.


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