10 Simple Ways To Improve Your Conversion Rates

10 simple ways to improve your conversion rates

Improving conversion rates is an area where we are often asked for suggestions. There are many ways to achieve this goal, and here we look at ten that are already tried and tested and, properly used, work well.

1) By adding customer testimonials to your web content, visitors can see real-life endorsements, rather than simply have you tell them about your products or services. When visitors see people like themselves offering approval, they find extra confidence to take that same action.

2) Provide complete and clear contact information – you’d be amazed how often companies don’t. This is usually because, working inside a business, all this information is already in their automatic subconscious and it’s then easy to forget what others have still to find out.

3) At the same time, make sure your online purchase process is as clean and simple as you can make it. Allow people to purchase as a “guest” if they want – without having to sign-up. The moment any of these processes become awkward or time-consuming, you simply start to lose customers.

4) Website security seals are a terrific way to add that extra degree of trust and confidence for first-time or prospective visitors to your site. No-one really likes journeys into the unknown!

5) Offer guarantees and warranties for your products or services. These display your own confidence and high standards and provide surety for others. The longer the term you can offer, the higher the confidence level tends to become.

6) Display honesty throughout your site. There is nothing more annoying – and business losing – than to work through a purchase process and then suddenly find a substantial delivery, shipping or handling fee added.

7) Provide as many different, and widely accepted and used, payment options as you can. Being able to use credit or debit cards, PayPal and the like is now always expected. If the customer can’t pay with ease, they probably won’t buy at all.

8) Remove any distractions that can divert people from working through the buying process or when they have arrived at your shopping cart. Keep banners, pop-ups and extra links in their right places.

9) For each of your products or services, look for the unique selling point or key benefit gained from using it. These will encourage the customer to buy, so be sure to then promote them boldly.

10) Make sure you quickly add an enticing call to take action, and to do so now, as this helps move people on through to your buying area.

Ten tips, none of which cost more than a little time and attention, but each of which can make that vital difference to your overall conversion rates!

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