3 Easy Steps to Make your Website More Attractive

3 easy steps to make your website more attractive

We’ve compiled a list of 3 easy steps to improve your website’s attractiveness and increase conversions.

1. Avoid clutter with white space

If your site is lacking in white space and filled from edge to edge with images, copy and flashing things then you’re probably putting off most of your site’s visitors. When designing your site ensure you leave enough white space to avoid frustration and click-aways. This will draw more attention to your key points, and visitors will be able to easily make sense of the information provided.

2. Have a call-to-action

Is your message on your site clear or does it lack clarity? Do you want your customers to buy, sell or read something? When developing your website this should be a key focus. Don’t get so caught up in all the information that you forget to give your call-to-action the attention it deserves. Your customers are looking for the call-to-action whether in the form of an incentive, offer or discount; there needs to be an action to encourage your visitors to respond.

3. Include a clear navigation

Your navigation is the steering wheel to the rest of your site. This should be represented in a simple to identify, logical order. Visitors to your site should easily be able to find their way around your site with clear indications of what each page features. Your navigation bar should appear on each webpage and should be in a highly visible place. As a standard there should be an About, Products or Services, and Contact page on every website.

The experience your visitors have with your website is highly likely to influence their opinion of your brand. Don’t let a few simple features stop your customers from doing business with you. By including the above 3 steps you’re well on your way to a more attractive site. 

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