3 Google Tools Your Website Needs

3 google tools your website needs

Google is the number one ranked search engine in the world by a massive margin. With close to a 70% market share, it's important to use search engine optimisation to enhance your website and its content to improve organic traffic flow from Google. Luckily, Google provides some great tools for website owners and managers that have become an integral part of both SEO and basic website management.

Without search engine traffic from Google, your business website just cannot compete in a modern business setting. Luckily, you don't have to be groping around blindly in the dark when it comes to optimising your site for increased website traffic.

While there are a number of services that offer similar products to Google's three core website development tools (analytics, webmaster tools and Page Speed Insights) only Google tools can give you such clear insight into what the number one search engine wants from you in terms of SEO.


Google Analytics

google analytics

This is the most well known of Google's web development tools and can be used in a number of ways. At its most basic it functions as a simple way to measure how many visitors are going to your website. However, its popularity and power are because of the detailed amount of information you can garner about:

– Where your visitors are coming from

– How long they are staying on your website

– How they move around your website

– Longer term traffic trends


Google Webmaster Tools

google web master tools

Thankfully webmaster tools now integrates well into analytics, but you still need to be using this great piece of software for faster indexing on Google. You can easily submit sitemaps (assuming you have a sitemap made) and check exact figures as to how many of your pages are actually indexed by Google. There are more powerful features such as backlink checker and this is also the place Google will notify you if your site has any problems or has breached any of Google's policies or best practice.


Page Speed Insights

google page insights

Page speed is a determining factor when ranking your website pages. While it may not always be the key determining factor, having a fast loading website not only increases your chances for a good ranking, it also improves visitor experience. Google Page Speed Insights will give you key information about how to improve the load speed of your website.

If you aren't using all three of these amazing tools then make sure you give them a try; after all, they are free!


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