3 Reasons for High Bounce Rate

3 reasons for high bounce rate

With Google analytics you can now analyse your website’s activity including the bounce rate. A bounce rate is measured by the percentage of visitors that only visited one webpage before leaving your site. Ideally you would like your visitors to engage with your site and view more than just one page. Anything greatly above 50% would constitute as a high bounce rate, meaning more than half of your visitors aren’t viewing any other pages on your site. There are 3 main reasons for high bounce rates:

Single Page Website

As bounce rates are measured by how many visitors only visit one page before leaving, then for a single page website this will always be 100%. If there are no options of anywhere else on the site to visit your bounce rate will always be high, which would not be a representation of an unengaged audience.

Hidden Navigation

Navigational issues are one of the top reasons for a higher bounce rate. Don’t make it a challenge for your visitors to navigate their way around your site. If you want your visitors to visit your other webpages then ensure you have a clear, easy to access navigation.

Irrelevant Content

Visitors are coming to your site looking for something, if they can’t find it on your front page then they are likely to click out and find another page that will provide them the information they need. Ensure your content is informative and has a clear call to action. Use your content to invite your visitors to view other areas of your site and increase engagement. 

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