4 Easy Steps to Increase Conversion Rate for WordPress

4 easy steps to increase conversion rate for wordpress

Conversion rate is where you make your dough, if you have a lot of traffic to your website but your conversion rate is low, your pages may not be optimised. There are normally simple ways to increase your conversion rate that can be done in-house without the need to engage an external third party, saving you money and time.

Most WordPress sites are attempting to get a responsive behaviour from their visitors whether this is to join, buy, sell or sign up. No matter what your website features there’s a chance you want some sort of interaction. To help you increase engagement and overall conversion rate, below is a list of 4 easy steps to get you started.

1. Know Your Goals

What is it that you want visitors to your website to do? Once you know your clear goals you can build your website layout and content to encourage the desired action. Remembering that your website is for most people the only engagement they have with your brand. Keep your message to the point, avoid unnecessary jargon and sales talk. Don’t overcomplicate or clutter your pages with bombarding messages. Each page should have its own clear goal i.e. to pick up new leads via a sign-up form.

2. Make Calls-to-Action Obvious

The call to action is what you’re asking your visitors to do, whether it’s a form, button, or link to another page. It shouldn’t be something that’s hidden or hard to find on your website, it should be clear and obvious. However, avoid annoying popups with offers or forms, and distracting flashing buttons and banner ads. The message in your call to action needs to be concise, use simple words like “Buy” or “Sign Up”. Offer an incentive, to encourage the action i.e. Sign up now and claim your Free E-book.

3. Speed up Your Website

We’ve all been on a website that has taken so long to load you give up and move onto another page. To avoid high bounce rates make sure your website doesn’t feature extremely large images (where possible try keep them under 2MB). Another way to increase the speed of your site is by using an application like CloudFlare that uses a globally distributed network for web caching meaning your website’s speed can be up to 200% faster.

4. Optimise for the Right Traffic

Touching on a bit of SEO here (don’t fret it’s only the basics), to keep the right traffic coming to your website, make sure the headings and content on your page reflect what it is your site is about. By now you should have an idea of what your keywords and keyword phrases are, keep these obvious enough in your site (without keyword stuffing) so it will be picked up by Google and you will be ranked for what you do. This will keep the right traffic coming to your site.

These are four simple ways to increase the conversion rate for your WordPress site. If all these factors are considered you should see an improvement in your overall conversion rate. 


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