4 Reasons to Consider Cloud Anti-Spam for your Business

4 reasons to consider cloud anti-spam for your business

Nobody likes to talk about spam, just the name will sends shivers down your spine. In a nutshell it’s a big nuisance, no one wants spam but yet it contributes to the majority of emails received every single day. But hey, your emails are safeguarded because you bought and installed your own anti-spam software…right? Sure you spend the time finding the right product, the money buying it and then some more time installing it – all in the hope that it will get rid of these little nuisances once and for all. But what happens during a mail server failure or network outage? Not to mention when users access their work email when the server is offline.

Unfortunately Anti-Spam software can’t control the spam you receive if any of these factors come into play. So wouldn’t you rather rest assured knowing that no matter what, spam isn’t getting the upper hand on you?

Let’s keep it simple, here’s 4 super simple reasons why you should consider Cloud Anti-Spam for your business:

  1. Saves you bandwidth

Everyone loves a good saving! But when we’re speaking bandwidth it’s an incredibly good saving. Each time spam reaches your email; your server needs to download one megabyte for each meg of spam received (which you pay for) – just so you can delete it. Doesn’t make sense, does it? The Cloud Anti-Spam uses a virtual ‘cloud’ system to filter through all these emails, sorting the good from the bad, so the bad don’t ever reach your server. This way you’re only devoting bandwidth to the emails you actually want.

  1. Highly effective

You may have noticed that spam has its ‘hit’ times – Christmas, Boxing Day, New Years; just to name a few. Your email is bombarded with an infestation of these little nasties all trying to lure you into some sort of ‘limited time only offer’. It’s common with spam to also see new worms or viruses appearing on a frequent basis. The viruses are created to make their way through anti-spam software…just like yours. The Cloud Anti-Spam service features smart filters that identify new types of spam and viruses eliminating them before they reach you while ensuring your emails stay clean during these ‘hit’ times.

  1. The latest and greatest technologies

Jam-packed with all the latest and greatest techy features, Cloud Anti-Spam is constantly monitored by anti-spam gurus to ensure your emails remain clean. Our gurus are always tweaking the system to ensure it stays up to date with the latest features and sending any new threats back to where they came from.

  1. Save time and money

It’s simple – Cloud Anti-Spam saves you money on hardware, operating system, software, maintenance and time spent on managing and figuring out the software. Our ‘Headache-free’ policy means that we take care of all of this for you. Forget upfront costs, annual renewals and hidden fees, we offer a simple solution at a great monthly price. To find out how Conetix can remove your spam hassles call us on 1300 789 260.

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