4 Simple Tips to Improve Your Website

4 simple tips to improve your website

It’s easy to get lost in all the development and design features when trying to improve your website, but sometimes the simplest measures can be the most effective. Below are 5 simple tips to help improve your website.

1. Test your page load speeds

Slow page loads are a big contributor to high bounce rates. It is easy for visitors to be deterred from viewing your website because of slow loading pages. Google offers a free tool that helps you analyse the content of any URL you provide and gives you useful suggestions on how to optimise the page load speed. Check it out Google’s PageSpeed Insights.

pagespeed insight

2. Check your backlinks

There are oodles of free tools available to help you optimise your website, one of these is Moz’s Open Site Explorer Tool. It’ll help you identify link building opportunities and also provide information on social activity data, anchor texts and more.

site explorer

3. Schedule regular content updates

As we all know content it king and it plays a critical role in engaging visitors and search bots. Designing a content plan will help you keep on top of updating your website and keep your visitors coming back. Do a little research on what topics in your industry are currently hot and brainstorm some ideas on how you can reflect this in your own website content. Updating your content on a regular basis will keep your visitors more engaged and coming back.

4. Optimise your images

To focus on speed again, a reason your page load times could be taking so long could simply be due to the size of the images you have on your site. Try reducing the size of these images to see if this improves the page load speed. There are simple ways this can be done by using tools like EWWW Image Optimiser if you have a WordPress website, or JPEGmini if you want to reduce the size but not the quality.

optimise images

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