5 Awesome 2014 Ecommerce WordPress Themes

5 awesome 2014 ecommerce wordpress themes

WordPress makes selling online easier than it has ever been before. As the CMS platform continues to grow and features more advanced ecommerce plugins, creating your own shopping site is a breeze. First you have to find your ecommerce plugin, after which you pick a suitable theme with an endless number to choose from.  Each theme has been professionally designed and provides a simple way to sell your products or services online. The below are our top 5 picks for WordPress ecommerce themes for 2014.


1. Carty


Carty is a Woocommerce theme and created to be responsive. It comes loaded with a creative list of layouts to suit your e-shop style. It’s a simple and easy to set-up design, that can be customised to your own style.

2. RoeDok


Roedok is another Woocommerce theme, specially designed for all things fashion. Perfect for clothing, accessories, jewellery and shoes. Featuring a clean and elegant design it portrays an upmarket feel. It comes packed with powerful built-in features keeping your online store at peak performance.

3. Perfectum


Perfectum is a responsive woocommerce theme built for any type of business. Featuring a modern design with a built-in layer slider. Its simple and clean design makes it the perfect choice to display any products.

4. The Leader

the leader

The Leader is a responsive WordPress theme that is built to stand out. It features a modern, stylish and flexible design. With its layout this theme can easily be customised to suit any industry.

5. Sellya


Sellya is yet another great example of a responsive WordPress theme designed to be used for any e-shop. It’s built to use bootstrap; a powerful mobile front-end framework that makes for faster and easier web development. With over 300 custom-build options, there is no limit to where you can take your online store. 

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