5 Brilliant Sources of Inspiration For Web Designers

5 brilliant sources of inspiration for web designers

Being an artisan of web design can be incredibly satisfying. There’s nothing like crafting a site that seamlessly blends a bit of technical wizardry with a creative edge to produce something that powerfully engages the end user and enhances the way they browse online. The challenge with working in such a dynamic field, however, is that it evolves rapidly, and staying on top of the hottest trends is an ongoing and demanding necessity. Luckily, there’s no shortage of places to look to get the fresh inspiration required to help develop new projects. Here are five of the best.


1. Pinterest


Taking a peek at this high-flyer of social engineering is inspiring in itself, but the real gems of ingenuity come from the pinners, who together form a perfect example of culture in motion. From weird and wacky to wunderkind, Pinterest is a buzzing hub for up-to-the-minute concepts. Browse through the search results for web design pins and the ideas will start sparking in no time.


2. 99designs


The world’s most extensive online marketplace for graphic design is a sure place to find one’s muse. With a community of almost a million designers, the scope for creative stimulation is virtually limitless. Wander through the categories and see what’s emerging at the vanguard of independent web design to get a dose of front-line innovation.


3. Awwwards


The fundamental aim of Awwwards is to provide an online space where designers can share work to receive feedback and ratings, as well as view the work of others to galvanise inspiration for their own future projects. In this, Awwwards gets ten out of ten. The site gathers the talents of web designers from all around the globe, bringing together unique perspectives and creative strategies, with the handy bonus of user and expert rankings. This is a win-win for both the designers getting the kudos and those benefiting from peer ideas.


4. The Design Inspiration

the design inspiration

The name of this website really says it all. It’s a great place to spur imagination and cultivate ideas from others that can be turned into something new. The Design Inspiration has been especially created to showcase high quality work from around the world, so there’s no need to sit around waiting for that lightning bolt to hit when a project plan is lacking in lustre.


5. Smashing Magazine

smashing magazine

For a bit of rejuvenation and insight into the technical side of things, Smashing Magazine is a great place to look. It’s focused on practical advice and techniques for web developers and designers, with lots of new content as well as a useful bank of past articles from which to learn and glean some tips to assist with the next big thing.


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