5 WordPress Tips for Beginners

5 wordpress tips for beginners

The WordPress community continues to grow year on year with more people choosing this CMS platform over any other. Designed to be used by the average Joe it’s easy to see why so many business owners are easily creating their own webpage without having to hire a web developer or designer. For all the WordPress rookies out there here’s a quick list of some WordPress Tips that should help you on your merry way to having a successful WordPress site. 

1.    Keep your Site Secure

Not everyone in your business needs to have admin access to your WordPress site. To ensure your site is secure all WordPress passwords should be difficult to guess, avoid generic passwords that can easily be hacked. Use a different password for each WordPress account ensuring you utilise letters, numbers, symbols and both upper and lower case. 

2.    Be Mobile Friendly

More and more people are using mobile and tablet devices to access the Internet. So, we can’t just build websites for desktop screens anymore. Make your website easily accessible on all devises by using a responsive WordPress theme. 

3.    Stand Out – Get a Unique Theme

WordPress themes give you the groundwork for your website. There are thousands to choose from, and many tools available to help customise your theme. You can change basic layout and colour schemes in a matter of minutes. Make your WordPress site stand out from the rest by investing some time into making it unique. And if you change your mind down the track you can easily change your theme.

4.    There’s a Plugin For That

WordPress has plugins for just about anything you could want, which makes it easier for even a WordPress beginner to have a sleek site with amazing features. You can easily start with some of the basic plugins then see what other plugins your WordPress site will benefit from. As a start have a look into these basic plugins: WP Optimize, All in One SEO Pack and WP Database Backup. 

5.    See How You’re Going 

Keep an eye on how your site is progressing and the traffic it’s receiving with Google Analytics. Google Analytics is designed to be an easy to use dashboard that shows you the visits and behaviour of your website visitors. Use this information to see how each page is performing and where improvements can be made. 


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