7 Responsive & Inspiring Newsletter Template Themes

7 responsive & inspiring newsletter template themes

With more and more people reading both professional and personal emails on the run, using responsive technology for marketing communications has never been so critical. Email marketing is one of the most effective methods of delivering a message to the consumer, however, with the rising popularity of mobile devices, it’s important that newsletter templates are able to accommodate varying screen sizes and automatically adapt to optimise usability.

A responsive design enables greater user reach and receptivity by enhancing readability and ease of navigation, and by promoting a sense of confidence in the sender’s progressivism and commitment to meeting the consumer’s needs. With that in mind, the only decision left to make is about which responsive newsletter model best fits branding and marketing requirements. Below is a guide to seven inspiring template themes that all have something different to offer, each with a price tag of US$19 or less for a regular license.




With its ten modules, free editor and easily customisable format, Teasy makes it easy to create an attractive email template. The simplicity of the drag and drop function and the MailChimp compatibility are particularly suited to small businesses wanting to make an impression without negotiating unnecessary bells and whistles.




The key features of Oferta are clean code and comprehensive compatibility, teamed with unlimited variations on six base templates and a remarkably elegant design. The quality of its features and layout make it a great option for larger businesses and key campaign strategies.




Slick style comes as standard with Penio, along with the flexibility and functionality of unlimited colours and layouts, and a powerful drag and drop editor. It’s a great option for unique small businesses wanting freedom of choice as well as ease of use.




Slice is great for smaller, targeted marketing campaigns and newsflash announcements that need to garner major impact from minimal input. While this template doesn’t currently include its own builder, it does have two eye-catching animation styles designed to attract solid response rates.




It’s all about customisation with Alerta, which includes an online editor with unlimited variations for an easy approach to tailored design. This capacity for individuality, along with a modern feel, make Alerta great for youth-oriented leisure and entertainment rather than professional services or B2B, particularly as some elements aren’t well supported by Outlook.




Announce comes with a package of four templates with drag and drop modules and unlimited colours and structures. While it isn’t compatible with the Gmail app for Android, it’s chic, sleek, includes the backing of full administrative support, and is well suited to professional industry.




With its sophisticated look and compatibility with all major email software, Dotty is an excellent fit for on-the-go commercial clients. It comes in dark and white variations with drag and drop functionality for easy to use, clean, corporate-style communication.


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