7 Signs Your Website Needs a Makeover

7 signs your website needs a makeover

As with anything on the Internet it is trendy one minute then it’s not. Websites are the same. If you’re wondering if your website is in need of a makeover have a look over the below 7 points:

1. Not Mobile Friendly

With more and more Internet users using their mobiles it's now just a matter of time before mobile Internet users surpass PC users. If your website is not responsive (as in it doesn’t scale down when viewed on a mobile device) then it is most definitely time to give your website a facelift. Make sure your new layout includes a mobile responsive theme.

2. Slow Response & Loading Time

Does your website take a few seconds to load each webpage? If your load time is anymore than a couple of seconds, your website needs to be updated. Our online attention span is minimal and waiting for a page to load isn’t going to entice anyone in spending too much time on your site.

3. You’re Not Being Social

Facebook? What’s Facebook? If you haven’t got a online social presence then you’re missing opportunities to interact with your customers. Stimulate conversation with your customers through social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus and Instagram. Give your brand a voice and allow for conversations with customers.

4. High Bounce Rate & No Leads

Did your website once generate loads of leads and now nothing? This is another perfect example of an out-dated site. High bounce rates go hand-in-hand with loss of leads. It could be that your content is out-dated or unappealing and there is no incentive to continue through your site.

5. You’re Still Hiring a Web Designer For Every Change

Back in the day before websites like WordPress came around, businesses would need to hire a web designer/developer for every single change. Apart from being a complete waste of money it was also a time consuming process. If you’re not doing content updates in-house then you need to revisit your website design.

6. Your Content is Out of Date

This one’s a given, your site should always have the most updated information on it. Don’t let updating your website’s content fall to the bottom of the to-do list, it will not only hurt your SEO but doesn’t look appealing to new visitors.

7. It’s Been More Than 3 Years Since Your Last Change

Ideally you should be updating the content on your website every 6 months to a year, but for a site that doesn’t change much you can push it back to 3 years. If it’s been any longer then that then it’s time for that makeover!

What once was the latest website design could now be nothing more than an eyesore. Your website is the face of your business, what does yours say about you?


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