Conetix Awarded Parallels Regional Partner of the Year

conetix awarded parallels regional partner of the year

We are thrilled to announce that we have been recognised and honoured as Parallels Regional Partner of the Year this week at the Parallels Summit in New Orleans, America.

It is truly humbling to be honoured with such a prestigious award. Our focus has always been on delivering the best customer service in Australia, backed by our rock solid infrastructure.

Our strong partnership with Parallels has enabled Conetix to continually improve the services we deliver, through world leading features and development. In the past year we have successfully rolled out Parallels Cloud Server across our infrastructure, enabling it to keep pace with rapid business growth while providing greater performance and reliability at the same time.

The transition to the cloud computing model has been a fruitful one for our customers such as Adnexus who moved their applications to the cloud, enabling them to transform the way they work.  Adnexus is now able to allow their field staff to operate more efficiently by making business applications available to them on demand, without having to worry about local IT issues, network connectivity or data security.

This acknowledgement is testament to the vision and hard work of our team over the course of many years. As always, our focus will be on providing the best and most innovative hosting solutions available on the market. 

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