How to Kill your WordPress Website

how to kill your wordpress website

Anyone that has ever started a wordpress site has begun with the desire to make their site a stand-out. No one intentionally wants to destroy their WordPress site. This article is written to make sure you’re not making these mistakes and killing your WordPress site. Sure, it’s easy enough to build an amazing WordPress site, with some equally amazing content and images but why throw it all away because of a few oversights.

Kill Strike 1 – Sign up to free hosting

Despite what you may have heard, free hosting is not the same as paid hosting. If you’re unfortunate enough to have experienced free hosting then I feel your pain. By now we should all know that nothing is ever free, you may be saving some bucks but it’ll cost you in other ways. The companies that offer these ‘free hosting’ services have to pay their bills somehow and normally do so by spamming your website with ads. Not only annoying for you, but also distracting for your website visitors. If you want a clear shot to the jugular, kill your WordPress site by signing up to free hosting.

Kill Strike 2 – Download every free widget available

Don’t get me wrong widgets are great, but you can have too much of a good thing. Just because it’s free doesn’t mean you need to feature all these widgets on your site. Less is more, keep them limited and only install widgets that add some value to your site.

Kill Strike 3 – Don’t Update

There are new releases to WordPress on a frequent basis, which include updates to the core, theme and plugin updates. If you want multiple errors across your site ignore all the update alerts. Knowing which updates are relevant to the functionality of your site can be tricky, the easiest way to ensure it’s done timely and correctly is by using the services of a web host. They’ll maintain all the backend techy stuff so you can continue with building (not killing) your WordPress site.



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