How Mobile Is Changing The Way We Create Websites

how mobile is changing the way we create websites

Studies show that almost half of all Internet visits are done through a mobile device. This number is expected to increase year on year till it overtakes traditional desktop visits. Considering that Internet access through mobile devices is still a relatively new concept it’s interesting to see how quickly it has gained on the more traditional approach to accessing information online. For this reason website owners should allow consideration for the way their website will be accessed through a mobile. Below we discuss a number of aspects to consider when creating your website and making it mobile friendly.

It’s readily available


Mobile devices have changed the way we communicate, research and access information. Any information we require is easily accessible right at our fingertips. Your customers want to access your website easily and without any hassle. By creating a responsive website design, your website will automatically resize itself to fit in any screen size making it easier for your customers to view. If you’ve ever tried viewing a non-responsive website on a mobile device you’ll understand how frustrating this can be. Make it easy for your customers to view your website no matter where they are accessing it from.


Simplicity is its best attribute


Mobile websites are designed to be clean, simple and easy to navigate. Most of the fluffy excess (advertisements, links and other distractions) will have been removed and you’re left with the basic pages you need. It has been found that most users that access the Internet through mobile devices only do so for a short period of time, normally to check emails, do banking or find readily available information on the go. By listing your business offerings in a simple layout you can be sure visitors to your site are easily able to access the right information.

Faster loads, less wait time


Mobile sites are notoriously faster at loading than desktop sites, mostly to do with the simplicity of the overall site. This means by having a response site that’s designed with mobile users in mind your visitors will experience faster loads on their mobile than their desktop. This can result in fewer bounce rates, more visits and more browsing time on your site.

In concluding

There are a substantial number of online businesses that have already seen the importance of a mobile friendly websites and have done what they need to make their site responsive. If your site is not responsive and appears the same on a mobile device as it would on a desktop, chances are you’re losing potential business. Creating a responsive website is normally quite simple and won’t take long at all, if your website is built on WordPress it’s highly likely your site is already responsive but if not there are plugins that’ll allow you to make it so in a matter of minutes.

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