How To Nail Your Next EDM

how to nail your next edm

Emails are still one of the most commonly used forms of communication between B2C and B2B. If you’re sending out a weekly, fortnightly, monthly or quarterly email to your customer base, there are some points to consider to make sure you nail your next EDM.

Look & Feel

look & feel

How many emails do you receive a day? How many of these do you actually read? The look and feel of your email attracts a lot of attention and engagement from your readers, if done well. Your email should be created with your target reader in mind and follow a design that will be engaging to them. Ensure your email stands out of the other emails your reader is receiving and allow for an appropriate and professional design.



First thing that will capture your readers attention is the subject line. This is almost all the information a reader requires to see if the email is relevant to them.  It is proven that if you use the recipients name in the subject line the chances of your email being read increase dramatically. Ensure your subject line is engaging and makes the reciepent want to find out more by opening the email. Once you have their attention the spotlight is turned to the content of the email. You have less then 5 seconds to convince your reader that your email is worth their time. Do it wisely and do it with a tagline or head liner. Avoid lengthy paragraphs and fluffy talk. Get to the point of what you want to say.

Call to Action

call to action

There’s a purpose behind every email, we refer to this as the call to action. What do you want your readers to do once they read your email; call you, sign-up, redeem an offer, click a link, visit your website, etc. Know what your call to action is before you start working on the readability and design of your EDM. Don’t try hide your call to action, make it prominent on the design so your readers know what the next step is.

Test it!

test it

Before you send out your email to your whole customer base test it with just a handful of emails and see the open rate and click through rate. This will give you a good indication of any areas for improvement and anticipated results you may recieve from your campaign. 

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