Let’s Encrypt FREE certificates now available on all Conetix Hosting

let's encrypt free certificates now available on all conetix hosting

Conetix is proud to offer Let’s Encrypt FREE SSL certificates on all our hosting plans.

Let’s Encrypt is a free, automated, and open Certificate Authority (CA), run for the public’s benefit. Run by the Internet Security Research Group (ISRG), Let’s Encrypt is made possible by major backing from sponsors like the Mozilla Foundation, Akami, Chrome, Sucuri, Cisco Systems and other sponsors.

One of the key principles behind Let’s Encrypt is that it is free. It allows for every person or business who owns a domain name to secure their website using a simple, automated install of a SSL certificate. More importantly, the process of applying for and validating the certificate is through an automated system therefore removing the clunky email based validation many other CA’s still use.

Since Let’s Encrypt BETA began in September 2015 they have issued more than 4.2 million certificates. Let’s Encrypt left BETA on April 26, 2016 and continues to grow at a rapid pace.

lets encrypt stats
Source: Let’s Encrypt

As a Plesk partner we were able to test and use Let’s Encrypt before it was in general release. We were immediately impressed on how simple and easy it was to issue a certificate via the Let’s Encrypt Plesk button. We could see immediate benefits to our customers who can now secure their website in three easy clicks.

Some of the key benefits of the Let’s Encrypt certificates :

  • Zero Cost SSL
  • Easy installation using Plesk
  • Instant Validation
  • Automated renewal process
  • No dedicated IP required (which is extra money)
  • Trusted by all major browsers

Why is it important?

There are a number of important factors why you should use an SSL certificate for your website, the obvious one is security and trust. When someone visits your website instead of seeing http in their browser they get presented with https:// and the green security lock.
The transmission of information from your website to the clients browser and vice versa is then securely transmitted.

One other important factor is Google now uses HTTPS as a ranking signal. When every bit counts in your website rankings, improving your security and rankings for your website couldn’t be easier with Let’s Encrypt.

If you are a current Conetix client and wish to take advantage of Let’s Encrypt free SSL you can login to our control panel and simply click on Let’s Encrypt Icon:
let's encrypt hosting button

This will then ask for your email address (to send expiry notices to) and immediately validate and generate the certificate for you.

lets's encrypt install and adding email address
let's encrypt ssl install success
let's encrypt ssl

If you are on one of our Virtual Private Servers or Containers running Plesk you can install Let’s Encrypt from Plesk Extensions – Here is a link to our support article on How to install Let’s Encrypt Extension on Plesk 12.5

let's encrypt plesk install

For those that wish to use a domain validated SSL certificate we still have these options available including wildcard and full EV certificates.

Feel free to contact anyone of our team members for advice on which SSL is best for your business.


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