Spam(n): Not good for (A) eating, (B) your mailbox!

spam(n): not good for (a) eating

Each day mailboxes appear to be bombarded with rubbish emails that typically get deleted or are marked as junk. You’ve probably never signed up to receive these emails but now they make the mass of your mailbox. These emails are commonly known as Spam and are sent in bulk to thousands of emails simultaneously, by an unknown sender. Not only is it extremely annoying and time consuming sorting through these Spam emails, but it can also lead to malware attacks on your PC. Spam emails have become so advanced that even just opening the email can activate the malware to download on your PC. If you interact with spam emails whether this is through opening it, responding to or clicking on a link provided, you not only put your computer at risk but also your personal information. This can lead to serious consequences including identity theft, all originating from opening an unknown email.

There are simple ways you can significantly reduce the amount of Spam you receive, with the most popular through the use of a Spam Filtering System.

I recommend to our clients the Barracuda Spam & Firewall system that is used around the globe and blocks a staggering 370million Spam emails each day. This security solution is built in the Cloud and safeguards mailboxes from the most aggressive Spam and virus attacks. Working through the Cloud it filters your emails before they reach your server delivering only clean, safe emails. The bonus with Barracuda is that it doubles up as a Mail Server Backup, so in the case that your primary mail server fails, the Barracuda system will continue to collect all your clean emails for 7 days.

If you receive an email from an unknown sender and it has a suspicious subject line then save yourself the headache and delete it. If you don’t want the hassle of dealing with any Spam, consider installing a Spam Filtering System and keep your mailbox safe and clean. Learn more about Barracuda Spam & Firewall System.

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