Start Your Own Blog in 4 Simple Steps

start your own blog in 4 simple steps

Blogging has become a profession in its own right and has gone from so much more than a hobby. If you do it right blogging can become your primary source of income generating hundreds if not thousands of extra doh each week. Not only a platform to give you a chance to share your opinion, expertise or ideas but also a place to build a brand and following. Starting a blog is easy, there is no defined skill set required, just a passion and ability to communicate it. It doesn’t take long at all to start a blog and you can have your very own, professional looking blog in no time at all. Below are 4 simple steps to get you on your way.

1. Decide your theme or topic

If you’ve already decided that you’d like to give blogging a go, then you may already have a topic or theme in mind for your blog. Do you want to share your health secrets, start a mummy blog, share home renovating ideas, or share your world travel journeys? Whatever the theme of your blog it must be something you are passionate enough about to write about it. Finding the topic would be the hardest part to starting your own blog.

2. Choose a platform

So you’ve got your amazing topic for your blog, now you just need the platform to publish your blog on. There are heaps of free blog platforms available to blogging newbies. For example Blogger, Tumblr and WordPress. Our favourite is WordPress due to its simplicity and user-friendly navigation. It also has thousands of website themes available so you’re bound to find one that suits the feel of your blog.

3. Find a host and get a registered domain

To give your blog a professional appearance it’s always best to register your domain name and get paid hosting for your blog. This will remove all those pestering ads that pop up on your blog page. You will also have a registered blog name that appears like instead of Looks much more professional.

4. Build a following

Build your blog through social media, find bloggers similar to you and see where and what they’re posting for inspiration. Getting your name on social media is free so give your blog a voice on the top social media channels Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and watch your followers join the conversation.

Starting a blog can be a seamless and exciting process. Make sure you do your research and see who else out there is blogging on the same topic and how your blog will be different. Pay a little extra to get a quality blog that will standout from your competitors. And above all don’t forget why you started this blog, and keep your message consistent.


Happy Blogging! 

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