Top 5 WordPress Chat Plugins

top 5 wordpress chat plugins

With WordPress just about anything is possible, including installing a chat application on your website. There are a number of chat plugins out there that will get your customers talking directly to you. Chat plugins allow you to build an amazing live chatting system in just minutes. Supporting features like user lists, private chat, avatars, chat rooms, word filtering and so much more, there’s really not much these plugins don’t allow for. All these plugins give you access to a simple to use database so you don’t need to worry about monitoring or controlling each individual conversation. You can also set-up your chatting system to notify you by text or email every time you receive a new chat message.

Our Top 5 WordPress Chat Plugins

1.WP Live Chat Support

wp live chat support

WP Live Chat Support is a free application that allows you to easily chat to your online visitors. This app is ideal for bloggers and smaller website owners, and has an incredible 5-second installation process.

2. Flexy Talk

flexy talk

Flexy Talk is an intuitive, simple yet powerful Live Chat solution for your WordPress site. It seamlessly integrates with your WordPress website to provide an instant chatting platform. There is no complex dashboard as users are able to respond to chat messages using their IM client or mobile device.

3. LiveAgent


Liveagent is another free WordPress plugin that integrates full featured help desk and live chat software. Featuring hybrid chat and email tickets it provides a full customer support platform. With the free edition you can have up to 50 chats/tickets per month. All the backups, traffic and performance is handled for you. You’ll be live in 5 minutes with easy set up.

4. iFlyChat


IFlyChat also refereed to as DrupalChat gives your website's visitors the ability to privately chat with one another in chat rooms. It also allows sites to provide online support for their products – increasing user experience. Featuring a save-like function this chat system logs users' conversations for later viewing in message inbox.

5. Rhino Live Support – Live Chat

rhino live support

As the name suggests Rhino Live Support is a tough chat plugin. It allows for instant contact with your customers at any time. All conversations are automatically saved and can easily be emailed to any email address.

These are just 5 of many WordPress Chat plugins available, there are too many out there to go through each of them but this list provides a summary of our top 5 picks. 

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