The Ultimate 5 Cheat Sheets For Web Designers & Developers

the ultimate 5 cheat sheets for web designers & developers

It’s not easy learning a new coding language. If you’re one of those few people  that are able to retain an incredible amount of information like the different code phrases then we envy you, but for everyone else there are a number of cheat sheets available to make your life that little bit easier.


1. WordPress Cheat Sheet

wordpress cheat sheet

WordPress is an incredibly powerful Content Management System and easy to use. However, when it comes to customising or making your own themes and templates it can get a little tricky. This Cheat Sheet outlines the file structure of WordPress themes; the structure that files should take and the WordPress tags that must feature in pages.


2. CSS 3 Cheat Sheet

css cheat sheet

CSS is as essential as HTML when it comes to designing websites. However, there is a number of properties, selector types and allowed values, and it can be difficult to recall some of the more niche commands. This extensive, cheat sheet groups properties into intuitive categories and lists the various properties they can take.


3. HTML 5 Visual Cheat Sheet

html 5 visual cheat sheet

HTML is the language of the web and the latest HTML 5 standard adds many new HTML tags to the specification. This colour coded Cheat Sheet is great for identifying the new tags added in HTML 5 as well as the tags no longer supported. A brief description of the intended use of the script is also provided, helping developers understand the new tags. Additionally this Cheat Sheet lists every attribute that corresponds to each tag.


4. HTML 5 Cheat Sheet

html 5 cheat sheet

This Cheat Sheet contains almost all of the information incorporated in the Cheat Sheet above but in a slightly more condescend format. The tag descriptions are a bit more detailed in this list and may suit new developers and designers better.


5. jQuery Cheat Sheet

jquery cheat sheet

jQuery is an incredibly powerful library for JavaScript which drastically improves the ease of use of JavaScript and can save developers an abundance of time. Furthermore, jQuery is the cornerstone of a wealth of free and premium plugins which can add rich functionality to any website. This Cheat Sheet lists every object in the jQuery library. All objects are helpfully grouped by type (selector, event triggers and individual functions) and include a link to the detailed jQuery documentation.

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