What’s the difference between Shared Hosting & VPS Hosting?

what’s the difference between shared hosting & vps hosting?

If you’ve been looking into web hosting you would have come across Shared Hosting and VPS Hosting. These two types of hosting are the most popular hosting services available, but are very different in their application and offering. There are 3 main differences when it comes to Shared vs. VPS hosting, these are listed below:

1. Space

VPS Hosting is built to suit larger businesses with heavy traffic to their website. To allow this continuation of traffic, each VPS is allocated its own resources to continue to operate seamlessly, regardless of sudden traffic spikes. On the other hand, the shared hosting resources (as its name suggests) are shared amongst all the websites on the same server. If one website on the shared server experiences a substantial spike in traffic then other websites will experience slower response time and page loads.

2. Control

Shared Hosting users are given little control when it comes to customised software and installing applications. With a VPS you have full control over your server. This is ideal with websites that use customised software packages or want the ability to install custom applications.

3. Price

Shared hosting is the most popular hosting service around, primarily due to its affordability. Costs associated with shared hosting are divided among all the users sharing the one server. With VPS Hosting, you are provided your own ‘mini’ server therefore, a little pricier than shared hosting.

There are a number of differences when comparing Shared and VPS Hosting. Shared Hosting is ideal for small websites and blogs while VPS hosting is more suited for medium to larger sized businesses that generate high traffic.

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