Why choose an Australian Web Host?

why choose an australian web host?

Web hosting continues to boom with many businesses taking their products and services online. Whether you’re a multimillion-dollar or a work-from-home business chances are you’re targeting your customers online. If you’re an Australian business that targets Australian customers then here’s 4 reasons you need to have an Australian Web Host.

1. You’re on the same clock

Why battle overseas call centres, when you can talk to someone who is an expert in the field and on the same clock as you. With a reliable web host provider its unlikely you’ll have any issues with your website, but if you do, wouldn’t you rather know your partnering with someone that understands the Australian peak times.

2. You’re backed by Australian Servers

A great amount of what once started off as ‘Australian web hosts’ are now taking their business offshore to cheaper and lower quality servers based anywhere around the world. Your website's data could be stored in any part of the world meaning your web host can’t physically touch or see these servers. Obviously there are safety concerns here but moreover there is a clear lack of control from the web host. By hosting with an Australian web host you have the peace of mind that your host may be only minutes away from their servers, meaning they can physically see how the servers are performing. 

3. Your pages load faster

If your web host is storing your website’s information in China it is understandable that the data has further to travel than if your information was stored locally in Australia. By making your data more accessible, visitors to your site are spending less time waiting for your webpages to load. Ultimately resulting in reducing frustration and improving conversation rates.

4. Google will know who you’re targeting

There are many factors Google takes into consideration when ranking your page. One of which is where your website is hosted. If your site is hosted in Australia, Google will assume you’re targeting Australian customers and will rank you accordingly. But if your site is hosted in China with all your website information stored in China then how is Google to know you aren’t targeting a Chinese market? Don’t affect your SEO ranking by hosting in a different country to your target market, keep it local.

As outlined there are many benefits to using an Australian web host provider. If you would like more information please contact our support team at 1300 789 260.

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