Why it’s time to move your business online

why it’s time to move your business online

The Internet can seem like a daunting place when considering moving your business online.  It’s a given that the Internet has become a go-to for information and reviews on products and services. Chances are, if you are already operating a small business there are people online talking about it. There are limitless opportunities when opening the door to an online business, giving you access to customers you may have never been able to target by any other means.

Here’s a few reasons to convince you that its time to move your business online.

Its super simple and cheap to have a website

There are plenty of DIY web builders that give aspiring website owners the opportunity to easily create and maintain their own sites. With sites like WordPress you have complete access to hundreds of free website templates where you can build, personalise and manage your own site. These easy-to-use web builders mean that you can have your business website live in just a few minutes and with little to no tech knowledge required.

You’re already a hot topic

As mentioned earlier, even if you don’t have an online presence its highly likely that your customers are already talking about your business online. It’s important to create a portal that invites this conversation whether through a comments section on your company blog or a discussion board. If a customer is frustrated or upset they can tell the world in a matter of seconds, and if your company isn’t there to make amends this feedback can be the only thing potential customers see when they search your business in Google.

Having a website won’t prevent negative comments being made, but it helps you control the conversation and allows your business to demonstrate its commitment to your customers through resolving the issue and not shying away from the problem.

New customers can find you

Majority of consumers will research a company online before they do business. If your business does not feature in search engines its likely to deter potential customers and point them in the direction of a competitor that has an online presence. By having an online presence namely through a website, not only are your customers finding you, but you are also opening the door to new customers that may come across your site from search engine searches.

At the end of the day it is vital to have a website for your business. If you don’t already have one, then there are plenty of places to help you get started. Why not check out WordPress’s free website templates and get your new site started!

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