Why your Website needs a Security Seal

why your website needs a security seal

Security seals on a website can help improve customers’ trust and ultimately conversation rates. When an online business first starts out it can be difficult to persuade potential customers that your website is safe, and customers can safely purchase without hesitation. With the continuous rise of hackers and viruses, it is easy to see why customers can be uneasy about doing business with a site they have never used.

The easiest way to improve customers’ confidence in your site is through displaying a website security seal. These security seals help persuade new customers that your website is a safe place to do business.

But before purchasing your website security seals ensure you go with a trusted brand that your customers will recognise. By displaying a security seal on your website your customers will know the following:

  • That your business is serious about security and gaining customers’ trust.
  • Their information is secure and won’t fall into the hand of hackers.
  • Their computer won’t be infected with viruses hidden on the site.

If your website has a trusted security seal, you will know your customers can safely browse and purchase on your site. A trusted security seal is the most affordable way to increase customers’ trust and your site’s security.

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