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ipswich sports house

Ipswich Sports House started in 2011 and has since gradually built up a strong presence in Ipswich as a one-stop-shop for sport and recreation. Ipswich Sports House (ISH) has been developed to build on the success of the work of Ipswich City Council in assisting sport and recreation organisations delivering services to the community.

“We plan to develop an independent facility that will primarily provide integrated support and advisory services supported by education and training programs to the Ipswich Sport and Recreation Community.”

Ipswich Sports House has an established team of dedicated sport and recreation specialists (Sport and Recreation Officers) to work directly in the sport and recreation community to assist in building capacity to ensure the long term viability and sustainability of sport and recreation delivery across Ipswich.

“Our website is probably the biggest factor in helping us do this. Conetix are local, and as one of our values is “Ipswich first” it was the most logical option given their hosting experience and knowledge, as well as their excellence in the WordPress platform.”

“The Conetix team has been committed to solving our problems and providing us with a sustainable and adaptable platform to ensure our organisation continues to develop and strengthen our web and digital presence.”

– Steve, Ipswich Sports House

Conetix has proudly hosted Ipswich Sports House since 2011

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