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“We’ll ensure you’re always reminded about domain renewals with a quick email and phone call. If you get stuck or have any domain questions give me a call!”


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Why Choose Conetix for Domain Registration?

Renewal Reminders

Not only will you receive an email when your domain is up for renewal, but one of our support team will personally call too.

Free Hosting

Free DNS Hosting

Register your domain with Conetix and you will receive free Premium DNS Hosting, valued at $60/year.

Free Domain Parking

Protect your domain from competitors. If you’re not ready to use your new domain you can simply park it till you’re ready.

We’ll move you for free

If you’re moving from another domain registrar we’ll look after the transfer for free.

More Options

More domain options

Access the best and latest extensions, with 280 different extensions to choose from.

Complete Package

No matter how fast you grow, we’re here to support you with web hosting, SSL Certificates and email solutions.

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