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To register a .kr domain, there are certain eligibility requirements that need to be fulfilled. Here are the general eligibility criteria for registering a .kr domain:

Local Presence: The registrant must have a local presence in South Korea. This means either being a citizen or resident of South Korea, or having a registered company or branch office in South Korea.

Documentation: The required documentation may vary based on the type of registrant. For individuals, a valid South Korean ID or passport may be required. For organizations, legal documents such as business registration certificates or articles of incorporation may be necessary.

Compliance: The registrant must comply with the relevant laws and regulations of South Korea and adhere to the policies set by the Korea Internet & Security Agency (KISA), the governing body for .kr domains.

It’s important to note that specific subdomains within the .kr domain, such as .co.kr, .ne.kr, or .or.kr, may have additional eligibility requirements based on the intended use or purpose of the domain.

When considering registering a .kr domain, it is recommended to consult with a domain registrar like Conetix or refer to the official guidelines provided by KISA for detailed information on eligibility requirements and the registration process.

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