Linux Memory Usage

Overview While initial views of the Linux memory statistics may suggest the system has run out of memory, the reality is that Linux uses any free RAM available as a disk cache and buffering for network services. By...
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How to copy MySQL tables between databases

Overview When you are working on a Development system it is often desirable to have a copy of a Production system database table. mySQL provides a handy method of making a copy of a single table and an...
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How to copy a MySQL database

Overview Copying your existing MySQL database is quite a simple task, in fact you can do it in a single command! There are plenty of times when you want to take a copy of an existing database so...
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Scripted MySQL Database Backups

Overview This article outlines a MySQL database backup script that allows you to implement an automated daily (or more frequent) date stamped and compressed backup of your MySQL databases. The advantage of using this script is that it will...
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Simple web site redirection via .htaccess

Overview During the life of a web site it may undergo a name change and rather than have visitors hit the old web site you may wish to have them automatically redirected to a new web address. To...
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