How to check and correct WordPress core integrity issues

Overview After a WordPress website has been exploited, it’s common for backdoors to be left so that hackers can easily gain access to your website again. A common way to do this is to place compromised code directly...
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How to Disable Mailbox Storage in Plesk

Overview Plesk has the ability to turn off mailbox storage for email accounts. This is very useful if you plan to forward an inbox and never login to it directly which allows you to save space on the...
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Let’s Encrypt fails to issue or renew on Plesk Windows

Overview If your free Let’s Encrypt certificate is failing with a 400 or 403 error, it may be due to one of two ASP.NET based configuration conflicts. While Plesk sorts some of these automatically, because the web.config can...
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Fake Plesk / cPanel Quota warning

Overview Phishing is a common technique of sending out emails which appear to be real, but in fact are designed to either make you click on a malicious link or to enter your credentials into the wrong form....
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Selecting Domain based Let’s Encrypt validation with Plesk

Overview Let’s Encrypt is the free, automated service which ensures your website has a valid Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificate. For most Conetix customers where the Domain Name System (DNS) is hosted with us, the system will secure...
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How to Set Resource Limits for a Plesk Service Plan

Overview If you have your own Plesk server, you can use service plans to limit resources. This allows you to set different plans for your customers as well as offering upgrade paths. This article will step you through...
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  • 233 code deployment with Plesk

Overview is a comprehensive Continuous Integration / Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) platform which allows you to automate workflows to get your code into production sooner and in a more reliable fashion. While Plesk has basic Git integration,
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Plesk Onyx End of Life

Overview From April 2021, Plesk Onyx comes to its end of life and will no longer be available for new purchases and will stop receiving further development and technical support requests. Until then, we’ll provide an extended support...
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How to Forward an Email Address in Plesk

Overview This support article will step you through the process of adding a forward to an existing Mailbox. Enabling a Forward on a Mailbox can be done for one or more of the following reasons; When you have...
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How to Enable Automatic Plesk Updates

Overview Plesk includes an automatic update feature to keep your server up to date with the latest version. This option is enabled by default and as such we recommend using this guide to re-enable automatic updates. Instructions Log...
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Plesk License Key is Invalid

Overview If you’ve attempted to login to your Plesk based Virtual Private Server, and see the following error: The error does not mean the license key is invalid but simply that the server has run very low on...
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Excluding log files from Plesk backups

Overview When Backing up your website in Plesk, it can out put an error with something along the lines of “Not all the data was backup up into File”. If you do receive this error it may be...
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Installing WordPress using the WordPress Toolkit

Overview This article aims to guide you through installing WordPress via the Plesk WordPress Toolkit. Installing WordPress is something you may do weekly, the Plesk WordPress Toolkit makes this task quick and easy. Process Logging into Plesk Login...
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What does Plesk Onyx WordPress Pack include?

Overview Plesk Onyx WordPress Pack is an add on license and is available as a separate purchase. Instructions Our new WordPress Pack turns your plesk server into an easy-to-use WordPress Manager. Get into the position to create an own Managed...
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Protecting From Running Tasks on Behalf of root in Plesk 12

Overview By default, Plesk Panel 12 allows utilities or scripts to be run on behalf of root in two cases: Scheduling tasks with the cron manager Handling events with the Event Manager tool This makes Panel server potentially vulnerable to malicious software....
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Disable the Mail Service on a Domain Alias

Overview This article aims to describe how to turn the Plesk Mail Service on and off for a specific Domain Alias. If the service is left on and email is hosted offsite, for example with Google or Office 365, then...
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Change Plesk Document Root

Overview A Document Root is the path that your web server stores the files for your website. For example, if you run WordPress then this directory contains all of the core WordPress files, themes, plugins and images. By...
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What does Plesk Onyx Business & Collaboration Pack Include?

Overview Plesk Onyx Business & Collaboration Pack  is an add on license and is available as a separate purchase. Instructions Plesk Business & Collaboration Pack  includes a combination of: 10 Plesk Premium Email Mailboxes Acronis Server Backup (100GB Space) SEO...
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Changing Log Rotation via Service Plan in Plesk

Overview This article aims to guide you through modifying the log rotation schedule via the Plesk service plan on your VPS. Logs are an important part of hosting websites, they allow the quick diagnosing of website issues and...
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Plesk Onyx – Disabling a user

Overview If you have created a secondary user with in your Plesk subscription (eg, for your web developer), leaving it enabled when it's not required can be a potential security risk. Rather than deleting it and re-adding when...
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Customising the WordPress Toolkit Maintenance Page

Overview This article will take you through the process of modifying the Plesk WordPress Toolkit maintenance page. At times you may wish to display a custom message when your site enters maintenance for a long period of time....
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Moving Email to Conetix via Mail Importer

Overview This article will guide you through importing email from an external IMAP server onto your subscription with Conetix.This article is suitable for VPS and shared hosting customers and assumes the source inbox is not pointed to Conetix...
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Plesk Onyx: Update IP address per hosting subscription

Overview A Internet Protocol (IP) address is a unique address which determines how a computer (or in this case, your web server) communicates with the world. Modern web hosting allows this IP address to be shared amongst many sites,...
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Plesk Advisor – Conetix Recommendations

Overview Recently, Plesk have updated their Advisor extension (previously known as the Security Advisor) to include a score and a number of recommendations. While increased security is always a good thing, the recommendations don’t always consider the whole...
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How to switch on WordPress auto-updates in Parallels Plesk 12

Overview The following support article demonstrates how to turn off Automatic Updates for WordPress within Parallels Plesk 12. By turning on Automatic Updates, security and functionality updates for WordPress will to be applied automatically to your site.  Instructions...
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Migrating Websites to Conetix using Plesk Site Migrator

Overview This article serves to guide affiliate customers though migrating websites or customer websites to their VPS with Conetix via the Plesk Site Importer. Instructions Log into your Plesk server hosted with Conetix Select the subscription where the...
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Plesk Onyx – Mailbox Disk Space Usage

Overview This support article describes how to view Disk Space usage per email account (mailbox) for your Plesk hosting. Instructions Log into your Conetix or Plesk Control Panel.  From the left hand menu, click on Mail: On the right hand...
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Keep Websites Secure with SSL IT!

Overview This article aims to guide Plesk Obsidian VPS users through enabling automatic Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate renewals. This will automatically generate and enable an SSL certificate when deploying new subscriptions. Prerequisites Plesk Obsidian Installed Lets Encrypt Extension...
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Configure and use the One Click Login to WordPress via Plesk

Overview This article details the process of setting up and using the One Click Login to WordPress through Plesk. Instructions 1. Navigate to the relevant Subscription in Plesk. 2. Open the WordPress Toolkit by selecting WordPress in the...
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How to Add Custom Panel Branding in Plesk for a VPS

Overview The following support article demonstrates how to add a customized the logo within a VPS, replacing the default Parallels logo, in the top left hand corner of Plesk. This can be done to customise your Plesk panel...
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WordPress Site Health

Overview In version 5.2, WordPress added the Site Health feature to assist in diagnosing potential issues with your site. While this has been a welcome edition to WordPress, some of the warnings and errors need further information for...
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How to add a new FTP account in Plesk

Overview The following support article demonstrates how to create a new FTP account in a subscription within Plesk. Instructions Once you have logged into Plesk, click on “Domains” and then the domain for which you want to create...
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What does Plesk Onyx Server And Site Security Pack Include?

Overview Plesk Onyx Server and Site Security Pack is an add on license and is available as a separate purchase. Instructions Plesk Server and Site Security Pack includes a combination of: CloudFlare ServerShield Plus Advanced  Advanced ModSecurity Rules by Atomicorp...
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Plesk – Diskspace Usage Viewer Extension

Overview This article will detail how to use the Diskspace Usage Viewer Extension in Plesk Onyx and Plesk Obsidian. This extension can be used to easily and pictorially display the disk usage and help show where the space...
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How can I purchase a Parallels Plesk 12 license?

Overview How can I purchase a Parallels Plesk 12 license key for my server? Platform Each license is available in one of two platform types: VPS – fits any virtualization platform: Parallels Cloud Server (Virtual Private Server (VPS) Containers and...
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Conetix Control Panel: Upgrade/Downgrade Hosting Options

Overview This article will detail the process of upgrading and downgrading your products and subscriptions from within the Conetix Control Panel. For shared hosting, this allows features such as additional hard drive space to be purchased and instantly added...
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How to add an Email Alias

Overview Note: This is for our older billing system and older Plesk versions. For the current version of this procedure, please go here: This support article demonstrated how to add an email alias to an existing email account. This...
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How to set an Individual Email Autoresponder (Out of Office)

Overview This guide is intended for an individual user as they can only login and change their own email settings. For Administrators with Control Panel login please use this article: How to set an Email Autoresponder (Out of Office). This...
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How to Create a New Client and Subscription in Plesk Onyx

Overview The following support article demonstrates how to create a new client and a hosting subscription in Plesk. While you can create a client and then later add a subscription, this method demonstrates how to perform both tasks...
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What does Plesk Onyx Developer Pack include?

Overview Plesk Onyx Developer Pack is an add on license and is available as a separate purchase for Plesk Onyx Admin Edition. Instructions Plesk Developer Pack includes a combination of: Apache Tomcat (deprecated in Plesk Onyx 17.8, available up to...
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Conetix Control Panel: Add files to Plesk

Overview This article describes how to add files to your hosting environment via the Plesk Control panel. Uploading via Plesk is a quick and easy way to add, modify or delete a file without to use FTP. Instructions Login...
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How can I purchase a Plesk Onyx License Key?

Overview How can I purchase a Plesk Onyx license key for my own server? Platform Each license is available in one of two platform types: VPS – fits any virtualization platform: Virtuozzo (formally Parallels Cloud Server)  both VPS and Containers , VMware, Xen, Hyper-V, Parallels Server Bare Metal...
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Plesk Onyx – Scheduling a Backup

Overview This article will provide an overview of the process to setup a scheduled backup of your website. A scheduled backup will provide you with a historical copy of your site for future reference. This is a great way to...
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