How to copy a database in Plesk 11.5

Overview This support article steps you through the process of making a copy of an existing database. This can be helpful when testing new software versions so that you don’t interfere with the live site and data. Instructions...
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Increase Fast-CGI timeout for Plesk

Overview For a Plesk 11.5 installation, the default timeout for FastCGI scripts is 45 seconds. This is too low for systems which run have update processes (eg WordPress or Joomla), or if you are running intensive scripting. Instructions To...
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MySQL – Performance Tuning and Optimisation

Overview MySQL is a highly versatile and high performing relational database management system making, used by many web based packages such as WordPress, Joomla and Magento. While the default configuration offers reasonable performance, there's always ways to ensure...
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MySQL – Converting to Per Table Data for InnoDB

Overview The InnoDB data format is a data storage engine, which provides greater data reliability and performance enhancements over the older MyISAM format. As of MySQL 5.5, InnoDB is also now the default data storage engine. By default,...
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How to install Plesk Heath Monitor

Overview Plesk Health Monitor provides you with both reporting and alerting on the resource usage of your Plesk based VPS. This allows you to not only ensure that your VPS us running at optimum levels but also preempt...
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