How to change a site URL in WordPress to “www”

Overview This article outlines how to set the URL for a WordPress site to , instead of This requires making changes to settings via your WordPress Admin and your hosting account. For this example we will be using ...
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Set PHP Timezone for a Website

Overview Most PHP applications (eg WordPress) set the required date/time within the application, so that it's a user configurable option. Prior to PHP 5.4, PHP would default to the server timezone, however PHP 5.4 upwards now default to UTC...
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Plesk Onyx Set X-Content-Type-Options Headers

Overview Addional headers can be added to your website in order to prevent some of the basic, mime over-rides. For example, for sites which allow users to upload content and media a cleverly crafted JPEG image could be...
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WordPress Toolkit: Broken Instance

Overview Scanning for WordPress instances within the WordPress Toolkit can sometimes result in a broken instance being detected over your working instance. While there are many reasons for this, we will be covering the most common reason the for the WordPress Toolkit finding...
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