ASP.NET Session State Modes

Overview Like most web based services, sessions are used to track various server side parameters such as user logins, shopping carts and other transient variables. ASP.NET has three different modes: In Process Mode. This is the default. Sessions...
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Windows Container based Virtual Machines

Overview Conetix runs Parallels Virtuozzo to provide container based Virtual Machines (VM's) across both Windows and Linux. This provides full server level speed for running remote desktops and applications, yet all the isolation and control of traditional virtualised...
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Setup mail with the Windows 10 Mail App

Overview This support article will outline the process of setting up the Windows 10 Mail App. Instructions Open the Windows 10 Mail App. Select ‘Managed Accounts’ as shown below: Select ‘Add Account’: A new window will appear. Select...
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Conetix Firewall Frequently Asked Questions

Overview Conetix uses a multi-layered approach to security to ensure your data is safe. This includes advanced firewalls, server lockdown and security restrictions and for Plesk based systems a number of new security features. We run a clustered,...
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How to limit CPU usage in IIS

Overview If you are using a 3rd party .NET application in IIS, sometimes it can be beneficial to limit the CPU usage to stop the application using all available CPU. On most operating systems and especially Windows Server,...
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Installing a PFX Certificate on a Windows Server

Overview This article will detail the process of adding a PFX Certificate on a Windows Server. Instructions 1. Remote Desktop Connection (RDP) into the Virtual Machine. 2. Upload your generated PFX Certificate to the Desktop. 3. Use Control+R...
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Installing Acronis for Windows

Overview This article aims to guide you through the process of installing the Acronis Cloud Backup Agent on your computer. Instructions Log into your Conetix Control Panel ( If you’re unsure of your password, please use the “Forgot...
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301 Redirect using NGINX

Overview A 301 redirect is a way to move traffic to a new site without taking a hit to your SEO rankings. The 301 redirect and is the most popular kind of redirect and nearly always the best...
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Plesk Windows 500 Internal Server Error

Overview This Support article describes how to display detailed error messages for a website to debug ASP script errors. If you're seeing the standard IIS 500 error message, this guide will help display the errors which may be causing it....
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Setting Windows Folder / File permissions in Plesk

Overview This article describes how to change permissions on files and/or folders in Plesk Windows. You may need to do this if you have migrated your website to Conetix or your web application needs to write to a...
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How to turn off Internet Explorer Enhanced Security Configuration

Overview This article shows you how to disable the Internet Explorer Enhanced Security Configuration (ESC) for Administrators on a Microsoft Windows 2008 R2 system. While Conetix highly recommends this setting is left on, some older software has compatibility...
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