Applying system updates is an essential part of managing a server. This is to ensure that security patches and bug updates are applied and will ensure that you system stays running.

With stable Linux platforms such as CentOS 6, you can automatically apply updates. This then removes the administrative burden of having to do this manually. This is safe to apply to systems running Plesk and recommended to keep your system secure.


  1. Install the yum-cron package:
    yum install yum-cron
  2. Enable the yum-cron service:
    chkconfig yum-cron on
  3. If you'd want to receive notifications of when updates occur, edit /etc/sysconfig/yum-cron and set:

Updates will now be applied to your system automatically.

Note:  Updates to kernels are normally excluded and will need to be done manually (as the server will require a restart). For container based virtual environments, kernel updates aren't required. These are updated at the host level and will be taken care of by your provider.

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