If you are using the Conetix SpamExperts spam filter to filter your emails of spam, you may find you need to manually block a sender. In this article, we’ll take you through blocking the sender of an email.


  1. Access the Spam Experts system via your preferred method:
    If you have Microsoft 365 Emails with Conetix you can access the Spam Filter via the Control Panel.
    Otherwise, access to the Spam Filter will be via Plesk.
  2. In the Spam Filter settings, scroll down until the section Incoming – Protection Settings and click Sender block list:
    spamexperts - how to block an email
  3. Next, click Block sender:
    spamexperts - how to block an email
  4. Now, you will have 3 sections where information can be changed/ entered.
    • First is Local-part, this is used if you want to block emails that are being sent to a specific person. Typically you will want to leave this blank, even if one person is receiving spam emails, you will want to block the spammer from sending anyone emails:
      spamexperts - how to block an email
    • Next is the Send Flag, this option determines how the block rule is applied to incoming emails and for this you want to always set it to Apply to Both:
      spamexperts - how to block an email
    • Finally is the Address section, here is where you put the email address that you want to block:
      spamexperts - how to block an email
  5. Click Save.

You have now blocked the spammer.

If you’re ever unsure about blocking emails addresses please call our friendly support staff for assistance.

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