In the event you need to update the Registrant of a .AU domain name, such as the ABN/ACN/ other eligibility types, then a Change of Registrant (COR) will need to be processed. To initiate a Change of Registrant (COR) please send an email to and we will be able to assist you with the Change of Registrant Process.


If you simply wish to update your domain name contacts (Registrant email, Name or Contact details) then you do not need to complete a Change of Registrant (COR) process you can instead send a ticket to  and we can update these details for you or you can make these changes via the Conetix Control Panel here.

What has changed?

On 12 April 2021 a new set of rules for the .au country Top Level Domain (ccTLD) took effect. With these regulation changes, we now have to review all .au domains and comply with the regulation changes.
With this compliance comes Registrant compliance including Change of Registrant (COR) where applicable.
Due to the time required and the direct cost incurred with COR we have to now pass on some of the cost. To process a change of registrant it will cost $100 per domain requiring an ABN change.

I am not sure, what is the first step?

The Conetix team is here to assist and make the process as simple and painless as possible. The first step is to email the Conetix team as they will guide you through the process and provide the right information and documents to make the change. The support email is .

Do I need to do a COR if my business has a new ABN?

Yes! It is important to keep your ABN active as inactive ABN’s can mean the AUDA can terminate your domain.

What is the COR process?

In the event you or a client needs to update the Registrant of an AU domain name, that is the ABN/ACN/or other eligibility type, then a Change of Registrant (CoR) will need to be completed.

change of registrant (cor) at conetix

Change of Registrant Completion

Once a Change of Registrant has been completed both the old and new registrant will receive a completion email from our registrar ( Synergy Wholesale) advising the process has now been completed.

As soon as the change of registrant is completed, the domain will be renewed for 1 Year under the new ABN /ACN details, effectively resetting the current registration period.


For Example, if your domain currently expires on the 27/01/2023 and you complete a Change of Registrant on the 25/11/2022 the domain will now expire on the 25/11/2023.

Manual change of registrant (CoR) process

Sometimes you cannot initiate a Change Of Registrant due to the ABN/ACN associated with the domain name being invalid or cancelled. In this case, you must proceed with completing a Transfer of Domain Chain Form.

Transfer of Domain Chain Form

auDA has provided a document that you can fill out to proceed with the Change Of Registrant. This document is referred to as a ‘Transfer of Domain Chain Form’ and you can download that using the below button;

This form is to be completed when a domain name has been transferred to another registrant, and the current registrant i.e. the listed licensee of the domain name, no longer exists.

This form needs to be filled out and supplied to our support team with any supporting documentation AND a Statutory declaration that includes a signature from a Justice of Peace (JP).

Where can I see my Domains Registrant Details?

The WHOIS lookup allows you to search up publicly available data regarding you domain. This information includes details such as Contact Information and the Register of Record.

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