If you’re running a WooCommerce shopping cart within your website, there are a number of maintenance tasks you need to undertake to keep it operating in optimal form.

One of these is tasks is ensuring that your sessions table (woocommerce_sesions) hasn’t grown too large, which is normally a sign that your cron may not be running or that there’s excessive data being collected.


Before making any changes, we highly recommend ensuring that you have a recent database backup.


  1. Login to WordPress, then from the WooCommerce menu on the left, select Status:
    clearing woocommerce sessions
  2. This will display a few pages of checks and details about your WooCommerce site.
  3. Confirm that your WordPress cron is enabled and working:
    clearing woocommerce sessions
  4. Next, confirm the size of your woocommerce_sessions table from the list:
    clearing woocommerce sessions
    Ideally, this should be less than 100MB.
  5. If you need to manually clear all sessions to reset the table, click on Tools at the top of the status page, then scroll down to sessions.
  6. Click Clear under the Clear customer sessions section:
    clearing woocommerce sessions
  7. Confirm in the status page (ie, Step 4 above) that the size of the sessions table has now been reduced.

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