WooCommerce stores some information about users visiting your site in order to suggest products based on their browsing history, as well as a number of other background tracking tasks.

This information is stored as WordPress transients, which is a temporary cache and normally stored in the database. If this data hasn’t been cleared automatically, you may need to clear it to ensure optimal database (and therefore website) performance.


Before making any changes, we highly recommend ensuring that you have a recent database backup.


  1. Login to the WordPress admin dashboard, then from the WooCommerce menu on the left, select Status:
    clearing woocommerce transients
  2. This will display a few pages of checks and details about your WooCommerce site.
  3. Confirm that your WordPress cron is enabled and working:
    clearing woocommerce transients
  4. To manually clear old transients, go to Tools and then to the Transients section.
  5. Clear all expired transients and if it won’t affect any customers currently browsing your site, clear all transients:
    clearing woocommerce transients
  6. If you require a more comprehensive view of the transients data, we recommend installing the Transients Manager plugin (which is free).

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