Sub-domains can be used for specific sites or for developing a new site before making it live. A sub-domain acts the same as a standalone website, allowing a complete different system to be installed, complete with different databases and settings.

Conetix allows to This article will detail the process of deploying, creating and managing a sub-domain through Plesk.


  1. Login into Plesk or via the Conetix Control Panel.
  2. Under Websites and Domains, select Add Subdomain.
    create a sub-domain through plesk
  3. Then select a name for the sub-domain. For this example, we will be using ‘newsite’.
    create a sub-domain through plesk
  4. When ready, select OK. Plesk will begin deploying the sub-domain for you.
  5. Ensure that the sub-domain is configured correctly in your DNS Zone with the IP pointing at the relevant server.
    If your DNS is with Conetix all you need to do is wait 2-3 mins for DNS to propagate.
  6. Click SSL/TLS Certificates.
    create a sub-domain through plesk
    • Under More Options click Install
      create a sub-domain through plesk
  7. Click Get it free.
    create a sub-domain through plesk
  8. A Let’s Encrypt Certificate will then be applied to the sub-domain. You have successfully deployed a sub-domain.
  9. You are now ready to setup your new dev site.
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