All customers on our Managed WordPress plans sites are able to create and download their own backups as they require them. By default, Updraft Plus will prompt to create a backup before perform any updates but it's also a good idea before making major changes. This guide will step you through the process.


  1. Login to your WordPress administration system.
  2. Under Settings, select UpdraftPlus Backups:
    wordpress - updraftplus backups
  3. Then, select the Backup Now button to run a backup:
    wordpress - updraftplus - backup now
  4. This will prompt you to select what to include in the backup. Leave all options enabled, including the remote backup and click Backup Now. This will start the backup and it will how you the progress: 
    wordpress - updraftplus - backing up
  5. Once the backup is complete, you will be able to view this backup under the Existing Backups tab:
    wordpress - updraftplus - existing backups
  6. If you want to download a copy of any of the components (eg the database), simply click on the corresponding button and it will download the backup to your local machine.
  7. You can now perform work on your site, knowing that there's a backup which can be restored.
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