This article aims to guide you through generating a reCAPTCHA key for your contact form.


  1. Using your Google Account Log into google.com/recaptcha
  2. Login to the admin console with the button in the top right labeld “Admin Console”
    creating a recaptcha api key
  3. Click the cog near the top right to access settings for reCAPTCHA:
    creating a recaptcha api key
  4. Confirm that reCAPTCHA Type is set to V3 and the domain name is configured as per below with a DOMAIN is the domain field, not a URL
    creating a recaptcha api key

Do not configure with a URL. Always use the domain on it’s own.

creating a recaptcha api key

  1. You can now use the two generated keys (Site Key and Secret Key) to enable reCAPTCHA in your Contact Form Plugin.

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