This support article goes through detaching a WordPress site from the Plesk WP Toolkit. This would be done if you have received an email about updating your site and your website cannot be updated, or you have a developer working on the site and periodically performing updates for you. If you do not have a developer and you are not updating your website Conetix offers a fully Managed WordPress Solution.


If you receive an email about updating your website, we recommend ensuring it is updated. Updating your website is one of the many actions you can take to Keep your WordPress website secure.


  1. Login into Plesk via the Conetix Control Panel.
  2. Click on WordPress on the left-hand side
    detaching a wordpress site from the wp toolkit
  3. In this Menu, you will have any WordPress site you have on your hosting
    detaching a wordpress site from the wp toolkit
  4. For detaching your website from the WP Toolkit, click the options button indicated by the three stacked dots. Then click Detach.
    detaching a wordpress site from the wp toolkit
    You will be asked to confirm before the site is detached.
  5. This will remove the site from the Toolkit and for it to be re-added back a file name .wp-toolkit-ignore needs to be removed and a scan needs to be done from the WP Toolkit.
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