In 2014, new regulations were introduced by the Internet Corporation of Assigned Names & Numbers (ICANN) requiring domain registrars to validate the Registrant contact information on domain names. This process serves to validate that the Registrant can be reached via their specified email address, placing accountability behind the domain name registration.

Which domain names require this data verification?

This process applies to any ICANN moderated Top Level Domain (TLD). This covers all gTLDS (.COM, .NET, .ORG, etc) and any new TLD’s ( such as .LUXURY, .BUILD, .CHEAP, etc).

What actions will trigger validation?

This process can be triggered by registering a new domain, an inbound transfer, a registrant contact update(eg updating the domain contact email) or an expiry reminder can trigger the validation process for the Registrant contact data.

Do unverified domain name registrations still renew?

Yes, if auto-renew is enabled on your domain name registration, it will continue to renew even if it’s suspended for failure to validate the Registrant contact details.

What do I do if a domain name has been suspended for failure to complete Registrant verification?

The suspension of the domain name will be removed after the Registrant data has been successfully verified. Please contact and we can resend this verification email out to you.

How long do I have before my domain is suspended?

The Registrant email address contact will receive an email with a link that must be clicked within 14 days to validate the Registrant contact data.
If the link is not clicked within 14 days, the domain name is placed into a ClientHold.

Once the link is clicked to validate the contact, this ClientHold status is removed and regular DNS resolution is restored. Provided the link is clicked within 14 days of the verification process commencing, there will be no impact to your service.
In the event the verification is not completed immediately, a reminder is sent after 7 and 13 days; followed by notification of domain suspension after 14 days.

ICANN – ICANN POLICY UPDATE | Volume 14, Issue 2 – February 2014 Issue

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