When a new gTLD domain name is purchased, an existing domain name is transferred or the Registrant’s Firstname, Lastname or Email addresses are modified on an existing domain name, our domain Registrar Synergy Wholesale checks and validates the provided information by performing a “Domain name Registrant contact data verification”. 

How do I verify my domain?

When a domain is transferred to us the registrant email address contact will receive, via email, a specially encoded link which must be clicked within 14 days to validate the Registrant contact data. Provided the link is clicked within 14 days of the verification process commencing, there will be no impact to your service. In the event the verification is not completed immediately, a reminder is sent after 7 and 13 days; followed by notification of domain suspension after 14 days.

domain registrant verification at conetix

Once the link has been clicked it will display the below confirmation

domain registrant verification at conetix


Synergy Wholesale will NEVER ask for your personal details! If you have received an email requesting details please contact

How do I update my Domain Contact Details at Conetix?

To update your Domain contact details here at Conetix please see our article here

Frequently Asked Questions

Do these verification policies apply to all of my domains?No, they only apply to generic top-level domain names (gTLDs), such as .com, .net, .org, and so on. They do not apply to other TLDs, including but not limited to country code top-level domains (ccTLDs), like .uk, .ca., and so on.
I clicked on the verification link, but it’s expired. What does that mean?The contact information was updated after that particular verification email was sent. Another verification email was sent to you for the most recent changes. Please locate that email and click on the link to verify.
What if I no longer have access to my previous email?If you no longer have access to your recent Registrant email address, please reach out to and we will be able to assist.
What is Whois?WHOIS is a public database that houses the information collected when someone registers a domain name or updates their DNS settings.

About Verification of Contact Information – ICANN

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