A Registration Certificate is a document that is generated when a .au domain name is registered, which contains some information regarding the newly registered domain.
Upon registering a .au domain, a Registration Certificate is automatically issued by our Registrar and sent to the Registrant Contact Email Address that was listed on the domain’s registration details.

Registration certificates are not proof of ownership of a domain name.

When do I get a certificate of registration?

When a new domain is registered you will receive an email titled “DOMAIN.COM.AU has been successfully registered” with your Domain Registration Certificate attached. Please ensure you save this as should you move the domain away from Conetix you will not be able to retrieve this.

I have registered a .com / .net domain – can I get a Domain Registration Certificate?

Only .au domains can receive a Domain Registration Certificate as they have an attached ABN / ACN.

A registration certificate can only be issued/provided by the company you registered the domain name with. If you transfer the domain name to another registrar, your new registrar cannot provide a registration certificate.

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