Unfortunately we've seen another pop-up company appear trying to scam domain renewals, this time it's Domain Name Group Pty Ltd (ACN: 135 462 305). This company is a complete replica of the existing scam company, Domain Register which we have previously highlighted. Everything including the wording on the Terms and Conditions, the fine-print on the fake invoice and all the terminology is the same. Despite the fact that they have a different address, it will simply be another "virtual" office space which has no actual occupants. 

The AUDA has a post on their website expressing "concern" for the unsolicited letters from both Domain Register Pty Ltd and Domain Name Group Pty Ltd and highlights that the fees are significantly higher than other registrars. For example, they're just over 400% higher than our price!

Here's a copy of the letter which is sent out:

Do not pay this

domain name group scam

Conetix suggests that you read all correspondence from domain renewal companies very carefully, especially when they're not from the company you registered your domain with. 

Please feel free to forward your correspondence through to Conetix if you believe it's a scam and one of our support staff will help evaluate it for you.

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