This article goes through the two options available in the domain renewal email that gets sent out at 90, 60 and 30 days to domain expiry date. It also covers what to do if you want to wait till it is closer to the expiry date and what happens if the expiry date passes.The two options in the email are displayed in the image below.
domain renewal email: what clicking yes or no does.

What clicking YES does.
domain renewal email: what clicking yes or no does.

If "Yes, I want to renew my domain" is clicked an invoice is sent for renewal of the domain that is listed at the beginning of the email. The date of expiry and days remaining at the time the email was sent is also listed here:
domain renewal email: what clicking yes or no does.

When you click "Yes, I want to renew my domain" an invoice for domain renewal is sent out and request payment. The invoices due date is set to be 30 days after you have clicked yes. If you click yes but decide to leave payment until a later date the invoice becomes overdue, and an overdue notice is created. If you click yes after you have paid for the renewal an invoice will still be created so it is advised after the domain has been renewed that you delete the 90, 60 and 30 day notices.

What clicking NO does.
domain renewal email: what clicking yes or no does.

If "No, I do NOT want to renew my domain name" is clicked our system goes ahead and cancel the domain does not renew it. You can also email through to if you'd like confirmation that it won't be renewed.

If you wish to wait until a later date.

If you wish to continue with payments for the domain but don't want to pay as earlier as 90 or 60 days ahead, a final notice at 30 days is sent out. The 30 day notice is the final one given out from us and it is the best time to click "Yes, I want to renew my domain" as it create an invoice that has a due date near the expiry date of your domain.

If the expiry date passes.

If for an unknown reason the expiry date on the domain passes and payment is not supplied, it will be disable and access to it will be cut off this includes websites and email accounts relating to the domain. However, there is a 30 day period after the expiry date when you can still renew the domain name listed in your email, your domain is inaccessible during this time.


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