A newer email scam going around where companies are requesting you to register a very similar to a domain name to one already own. If you reply, they will offer you the opportunity to buy the domain often at an inflated prices to “preventing it being purchased by anyone else”.

The subject of the email may be: Subject: Your domain name has been claimed or similar variations.

There is no other buyer they have just looked up your details via a whois lookup. This entity (dnsaustralia.org) is trying to trick you into buying something you do not need. 


You can safely ignore and delete this email.

email scam - false urgency

The pricing used for the scam will vary as well, it may be $297.50, $299.50, $399.50 or other variants chosen at random.

Please feel free to forward your correspondence through to Conetix if you believe it’s a scam and one of our support staff will help evaluate it for you.

Other similar domain scams include:

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