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This support article demonstrates how to create a new event in WordPress using the "Events Manager" plugin.


  1. Once you have logged into WordPress, from the menu bar on the far left hand side, click on “Events” > “ Add Event”.
  2. On the “Add new event” screen you’ll need to set the event title and description [A], add event times and dates [B], include location information [C], and the publish [D]:
    [A] Add the title of this event as the heading, then below add a description of the event, which will appear at the bottom of the event when published on your website.
    [B] Select the “From” and “to” dates for the event, as well as start and finish times.
    [C] Fill out the location name and address (if applicable) and ensure the map on the right is correct as it will display on the event on your website.
    [D] When you are happy with the details for the event, click “Publish”.
  3. The event will now be visible on your website under the events page.
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